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Business Service & Support Network, Corp. through its affiliate Professional Accounting Service Group, Inc. provides accounting services for all industries. Unlike other accounting services we provide all aspects of accounting. We provide real time bookkeeping services, prepare financial statements, meet all your tax filling requirements, represent you in audits, tax plan through the year, and most important work in conjunction with other professionals to help you maximize your money. By working closely with other professionals BSSN accountants get a better understanding of your business and industry and its needs.

BSSN _ Professional Accounting will do your bookkeeping, payroll, and all aspects of reporting. In addition it will prepare a tax plan to minimize the tax impact on your practice.  We will do more than just prepare your state and federal tax returns. We will plan through the year so as to minimize your taxes and save you money.


We can customize our services to your needs. Our services can be as basic as bookkeeping, where we pick up the data from your office, you can fax it to us, e-mail it to us or down load it into our servers. Or they can be as complete as preparing your checks, payroll, and paying your bills on a regular schedule basis, and all you do is sign the check payments you want to pay. Our services will be with you through the year.


Business Support offers several service packages, call us to determine which plan fits your needs


Allow us to serve you, meet your accounting needs, and minimize your taxes.


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There are four kinds of IRS audits:


Correspondence Audit is a letter from the IRS Service Center requesting that you send in copies of your canceled checks and/or receipts in order to verify certain deductions on the return. This type of audit is reserved for small, simple tax returns and most likely your business will not be audited in this manner.


The notice of an office audit also arrives by mail. The letter identifies specific items on the return that are in question and requests that you or your representative to bring certain documents to the local IRS office for the auditor's examination. If your business is a small, sole proprietorship with sales under $500,000, you may be subjected to this type of audit.


1.To interview the principals

2.To arrange a date(s) to be at your place of business

3.To determine where the records are located

4.To provide a list of records that are to be made available


The overall goal of your representative will be to handle the audit in such a manner that your "exposure" is decreased. By exposure, we mean the risk that the agent will probe into the areas where your business is vulnerable, where the high risk items are, or where the most questionable deductions are.


Because the laws are subject to interpretation, there is no such things as a "perfectly" correct tax return. A representative can conduct the audit in such a manner as to "limit the agent's scope" or limit the amount of information the agent sees or requests to examine.

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