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If you want to invest, or if you need a loan for you business or home, if your credit is not that good, or if someone owes you money our professional team at Business Services & Support Network can help.


Finance is one of the most important aspects of business management. Without proper financial planning a new enterprise is unlikely to be successful. Managing money (a liquid asset) is essential to ensure a secure future, both for the individual and an organization.

Investments can take a variety of forms. At BSSN we can guide you to the right professionals for your investments and can even show you high yielding investments in business ventures.


At BSSN we can find the right type of loan or investor for your business. We can put you in contact with one of our lending professional associates for that personal loan. Or we can send you to one of our credit restoration professionals if your credit is not where you want it to be.


We can also use various tools to collect those receivables or that money you thought had been lost.

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Investment Types


Once you’ve made the decision to invest your money, there are two important decisions you need to make: how much to invest and where to invest it. It’s important to understand your options as well as the risks associated with each of them.


There are five main types of investments:


Stock Market


Cash Equivalent

Real Estate

Stock and Businesses not in Market

Stock Market


When you invest in stocks, you’re buying a share of ownership in a corporation and become a shareholder. Companies sell shares of stock to raise money for start-up or growth.  There are two types of stock: common stock and preferred stock.


With common stock, shareholders have a percentage of ownership. For example, if you own one share of common stock in a company that has 100 shares, you own 1 percent of the company. Common stock shareholders also have the right to vote on issues affecting the company.


Preferred stock usually does not offer voting rights, but shareholders are generally entitled to dividends (the company’s profits distributed in cash). Preferred stockholders typically receive dividends at specified times and in predetermined amounts; common stockholders may or may not receive dividends based on company profits.


Investment returns and risks for both types of stocks vary, depending on factors such as the economy, political scene, the company's performance and other stock market factors. It is no secret that the volatile market of the last few years, and the instability that we have in the financial industry causes this investment, which used to be very popular, to be one from which many people are distancing themselves.

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