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BSSN through Paula & Associates will meet all of your immigration needs. Whether you want to become a US Citizen, you want to reside in the US, you want to visit the US, or you want to invest or work in the US, we can answer your questions and help you achieve your goals.

We address your immigration needs by separating the topics into three major areas:


1. Becoming a US Citizen

2. Living in the US

3. Entering the US

Each of these major categories addresses several specific areas depending on your needs and wants. We urge you to contact us with any questions related to this complex topic.


We attempt to address your particular situation such as the situations of the persons below:


Your situation:  Roberto from Mexico asked us, "My company’s headquarters is in the United States. I go there several times a year on business. The visa expires and it’s a problem to renew it. I would like to have a way so that I do not have to go through that problem every year. How can I do that?"

Our answer: You are DOING BUSINESS and WORKING in the U.S. you may be able to get an L1 visa and it may lead you directly to becoming a resident of the US. Visit our Visa section and see what type of Visa would best fit your needs.

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At Paula & Associates we can help you obtain your US residence. There are many ways to reach this goal. We can guide you through the maze of applications, and red tape with



What Is Permanent Residence?


A person who has permanent residence status in the United States has the right to live and work in the US without restriction. This right may last for a lifetime, or it can be ended in some circumstances by an uninterrupted absence from the United States of more than a year or two.


Permanent residents are said to have immigrant status in the US, in contrast to foreign nationals who are here temporarily in nonimmigrant status, such as F-1 students, J-1 scholars or H-1 temporary workers. In popular parlance, a permanent resident is said to have a "green card," an outdated reference to the permanent residence identification card, which used to be green but is now a pale red, white and blue. Permanent residents are also often said to have "PR."


Permanent residence is not the same as citizenship. Permanent residents of the US remain nationals of their home country. They do not hold US passports and they do not owe allegiance to the US. They may not vote in elections and they may not hold elective office. After a certain period of physical presence in the US (five years in most cases, three in some), permanent residents can apply for US citizenship if they choose, but it is not necessary to become a citizen to retain the right of permanent residence.

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