We will work with you and use tax planning to avoid tax pitfalls.

Personal and Business Taxes

Allow us to serve you, meet your accounting needs and minimize your taxes.

At BSSN we can provide you and your business with the preparation of your financial needs.

We will work with you using tax planning, in order to minimize your fiscal responsibility. In the event of an audit we will  represent you or your business.

Forensic Accounting

BSSN Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Practices are frequently called upon to perform examinations.

The Practice is recognized for its ability to expose and analyze issues of multifaceted complexity and communicate the findings in a manner that is understandable. Our professionals have provided lead support and/or expert witness testimony.

We are skilled at evidence discovery and in reconstructing accounting and business records to uncover essential facts.


At BSSN we prepare your business books correctly the first time.

In most businesses the owner is the bookkeeper. This creates a situation of self incrimination because if anything is wrong with the books the owner is responsible. At BSSN our bookkepers are skilled in what they do.You can trust them to have the understanding and the resources to do what’s best for your business.


At BSSN we can represent you and your business in all audits.

Weather it is a Correspondence Audit, an Office Audit, Field Audit or Criminal Audit we will do our best to assist you.

The overall goal of your representative will be to handle the audit in such a manner that your “exposure” is minimized. We will work with attorneys that specialize in the particular audit type.